Students at a dig site

Incoming Freshmen

The College and University have several research programs of interest to prospective students.

The Emerging Scholars Program introduces first-time freshmen to research.

The Computer-based Honors Program is a four-year program that begins in the first semester of the students’ freshman years.

Current Students

The McNair Program is open to juniors in all fields of study who comply with the admission criteria of the program. McNair assists students in research and in locating and funding graduate education.

New Faculty Program

The College of Arts and Sciences is beginning a new Research Connections Program. This program links scholars who have recently joined the Arts and Sciences faculty and undergraduate students.

Departmental Honors Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences has several disciplinary honors programs that are open to current students.  Students may or may not be in University Honors to participate in disciplinary honors.  Most of the disciplinary honors programs require or recommend that students engage in research and complete theses.  Current disciplinary honors programs and program contacts are listed below.

Departmental Honors Programs
Department Contact Office Mailing Address
Biology Dr. Patty Sobecky 1320 SEC Box 870344,
Tuscaloosa AL
Chemistry Dr. Michael Jennings 2076 Shelby Box 870336,
Tuscaloosa, AL
English Dr. William Ulmer
Dr. Deborah Weiss
209 Morgan
227 Morgan
Box 870244,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Geology Dr. Fred Andrus 2040 Bevil Box 870338,
Tuscaloosa, AL
History Dr. Lawrence Kohl 221 ten Hoor Box  870212,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Philosophy Dr. Norvin Richards 327 ten Hoor Box 870218,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Physics Dr. Patrick LeClair 2012 Bevil/
110 Gallalee
Box 870324,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Psychology Dr. Beverly Thorn
Dr. Edward Merrell
364-B Gordon Palmer
195 Gordon Palmer
Box 870348,
Tuscaloosa, AL