Proposed creative activity and research projects can vary widely, and funding will be considered for any project-related need, with the exception of faculty or student salary, that will meet the goal of enhancing and stimulating undergraduate student creative or research activities in the College of Arts and Sciences and University (i.e., travel, equipment, supplies, exhibition/presentation, conferences/meetings, etc.).

Funding requests up to $1,000 will be considered.

UCRA Application for Spring 2019 (PDF)


Application Dates and Period of Activity

flasks and beakersProposals for Spring 2019 will be due by midnight, February 18, 2019. Applications should be emailed to Geoff Tick,, as a PDF file. Applicants will receive an email indicating that their proposals have been received.

Funded applications may commence immediately or the start date may be delayed for up to one year. It is anticipated that the proposed work will be completed in a period not to exceed twelve months; however, in certain circumstances extensions of six months may be granted for the expenditure of the original award.

Criteria for Selection

Points the committee will consider during review, if applicable, for the project:

  • Significance of research and/or creative activity
  • Clear plan for the work
  • Guided by a compelling question or creative idea
  • Intelligibly written for non-specialist
  • Interdisciplinary, if appropriate for the project
  • Could not be done without this funding
  • If previously funded by UCRA, a report on the outcome of the prior funding must be referenced (if already submitted)

Final Report and Colloquium Presentation

At the end of the project, the successful applicant(s) must submit a written report (not to exceed three pages) describing the results of the project, with a detailed evaluation of the success of the project.

Additionally, the successful student applicant(s) will, upon completion of the project, give a public presentation to College faculty and other members of the University community at the annual A&S Summit for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

In addition to this venue, the Academy highly encourages students to present the results of their creative activity or research project at other regional, national, international and/or focused conferences and meetings.