The 2012 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference was held April 9.  Congratulations to all Arts & Sciences participants and winners!  More information about the conference can be found here.

Arts & Sciences Oral Presentation Winners

Division of Social Sciences

 1st Place: Isabela Morales, History

Faculty Mentor: Jenny Shaw, History

Letters from a Planter’s Daughter: Understanding Freedom and Independence in the Life of Susanna Townsend (1853‐1869)

2nd Place: Paige Bussanich, Psychology & Shika Mukkamala, Human Development & Family Studies

Faculty Mentor: Frances Conners, Psychology

Down syndrome and Emotional Expressivity further explored

3rd Place:  Matthew Bailey, Political Science

Faculty Mentor: Utz McKnight, Political Science

The American “Dream” and the Disadvantages that Minorities face in America

4th Place: Cameron Napps, Political Science

Faculty Mentor: Karl DeRouen, Political Science

Audience Costs and Information Asymmetry in a Bargaining Framework of Terrorism

Division of Fine Arts & Humanities

1st Place:  Ashley Frazier, Music

Faculty Mentor: Andrea Cevasco, Music

The Role of Music Therapy in the State of Alabama’s Early Intervention Curriculum

2nd Place:  Catherine (Kelsie) Dodson, Art

Faculty Mentor: Stacy Morgan, American Studies

How the Narrative Explanations of Lonnie Holley’s Abstract Artworks Detract from their Aesthetic Worth

3rd Place:  Tiffany Reese, Gender & Race Studies

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Shoaff, Gender & Race Studies

I Put On: Blackness and Cultural Appropriation

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

1st Place: Jessica Duke, Chemistry

Faculty Mentor: David Dixon, Chemistry

Modeling Water in Supercritical CO2 and Reactions at Mineral Surfaces for the Geological Sequestration of CO2

2nd Place: Erica Schwalm, Chemistry

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Frantom, Chemistry

Allosteric Regulation of AlphaIsopropylmalate Synthase

3rd Place: Kay Rainey, Biological Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Ryan Earley, Biological Sciences

TemperatureDependent Sex Determination in a Hermaphroditic Fish: A Direct Look at Genes vs. Environment

4th Place: Caitlin McClusky

Honorable Mention Division for Social Sciences and Mathematics

Rita Martin, Criminal Justice

Faculty Mentor: Mark Lanier, Criminal Justice

Negative Virtual Peer Association: From Social Networking to Juvenile Delinquency

John Fox, History

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Dorr, History

Martha Strudwick Young: Alabama’s Lost Remus Writer

Dorie Kogut, Political Science

Faculty Mentor: B Lichtenstein, Consumer Sciences

Client Advocates or Law Enforcers: Health Worker/Client Relations and HIV Disclosure Laws

Amanda Kimbrough, Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Rosanna Guadagno, Psychology

Gender Differences in Technology Use: Women Connect More than Men

Arts & Sciences Poster Presentation Winners

Division of Social Sciences

 1st Place:  Tie: Stephanie Glaze – Psychology and Ted (Clay) Nelson – Anthropology

Stephanie Glaze, Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Ansley Gilpin, Psychology

Spontaneous Imitation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ted Nelson, Anthropology

Faculty Mentor: John Blitz, Anthropology

Magnetometry and Ground Truthing Excavations at Actuncan, Belize

2nd Place:  Ally Sequeira, Psychology & Paige Bussanich, Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Frances Conners, Psychology

Autism Symptoms in NonAutistic Participants

3rd Place:  Dylan Sandy, Mathematics

Faculty Mentor: John Lochman, Psychology

Leadership and Aggression

Division of Fine Arts and Humanities

1st Place:  Greg Randall & Joe Robertson

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Marshall, Art

Discovering Photogravure

2nd Place:  Jameson Sanford, Theatre & Dance

Faculty Mentor: Andy Fitch, Theatre & Dance

“The Seagull” Scenic Design Production

3rd Place:  Blake Franklin, Music

 Faculty Mentor: Andrea Cevasco, Music

 The Effects a Single Music Therapy Session on the Mood of Cancer Patients

Honorable Mention:  Holly Gray, Theatre & Dance

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Barry, Dance

For Your Entertainment: The Jazz in Jack

Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Koushik Kasanagottu, Biological Sciences, Hae dong Kim, Biological Sciences, & Yi Chen, Biological Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Janis O’Donnell, Biological Sciences

Investigating the mechanism for αsynuclein induced neuropathology

Stephanie Troy, Geological Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Ryan Ewing, Geological Sciences

Mysterious Patches