Thanks to all the faculty mentors whose students presented their work at the 2011 Undergraduate Research Conference!

Name Department
Barbara Chotiner Political Science
Christophe Lynn Anthropology
Ian Brown Anthropology
Jenny Shaw History
Kari Frederickson History
Maha Marouan Gender and Race Studies
Andrew Huebner History
Renee Raphael History
Michael Innis-Jimenez American Studies
Emily Wittman English
Albert Pionke English
Nikhil Bilwakesh English
Patti White English
Ignacio  Rodeno Modern Languages and Classics
Sarah Barry Theatre and Dance
Andrew Dewar Music and New College
Jennifer Caputo Music and New College
Patrick Frantom Chemistry
David Dixon Chemistry
Laura Busenlehner Chemistry
Claudia Mewes Physics and Astronomy
Andreas Piepke Physics and Astronomy
Laura Reed Biological Sciences
Guy Caldwell Biological Sciences
Kimberly Caldwell Biological Sciences
John Clark Biological Sciences
Ryan Early Biological Sciences
Roger Sidje Mathematics
Franchessa Maddox Chemistry
Carol Duffy Biological Sciences
Kevin Shaughnessy Chemistry
Silas Blackstock Chemistry
Gregory Starr Biological Sciences
John Yoder Biological Sciences
Jennifer Edmunds Biological Sciences
Ansley Gilpin Psychology
Tammy  Carroll Psychology
Scott Spear AIME
Jason Parton Chemistry
Matthew Jenny Biological Sciences
Craig Wedderspoon Art and Art History
Julie Olson Biological Sciences
Janis O’Donnell Biological Sciences
Lisa Davis Geography
Mary Pitts Geography
Patrick LeClair Physics and Astronomy
John Wait Community Health Sciences
Fran   Connors Psychology
James  Hamilton Psychology
Rosanna Guadagno Psychology
Beverly Thorn Psychology
Mark Klinger Psychology
Marcia Hay-McCutcheon Communicative Disorders
David  Michelson History
Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa History
Chris   Lynn Anthropology
Jim Knight Anthropology
Lisa LeCount Anthropology
Christina Frantom Art and Art History
Andy Fitch Theatre and Dance
Amy Dayton-Wood English
Andrea Cevasco Music
Robert  Nelson English
Jennifer Caputo Music and New College